2 for d road

mafioso and hannah

the distillery, eastwood

 p cute si tita

auhmer, shobe, maui

 drunkards with the iranian, lol!

mommies... excluding shobe of course

ylla and her lips, tolits, kim

 good thing lance only drinks JD, he bought one, suweeet!

 wesley blowing a kiss for mish, hanep!

 bad photo

bad editing 

lucky guy, sanabagan!

what's wrong?

 d one who missed d plane

d whitest dude alive

more drunkard and bad editing

she drinks, she doesn't

bday boy and tita

d whitest dude alive and drunkards

songki was late because of pedicure, what's up with that?

bday boy, drunk girl, bday boy

one guy turned younger, the other older... 
one missed her flight, the other made it... 
old friend who also turned older was absent, 
bffs although late were present...
a friend bought JD, another bought bacardi
wish they bought brought girls instead so we'd be more than happy

t'was a fun night, not to mention the main event
a fight between two iranians, 
inside and outside the bar that ended in bloodbath
alcohol and testosterone, what do you expect

wish the glamour girls from the south came
miss the drama, outfit and what not

thanks to those who made it and those who didn't
thanks to all the greetings
sorry if i failed to invite all of you guys
"budget constraint", lol!

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  1. wala eh.. parang bday lang ni tita at ni sister eh... olats kayo.

    at sabi ko na nga ba mas madrama sana kung andon kami hahahaha

    happy birthday ulit sa inyong dalawa :)

  2. tnx king! we know that you = drama.... u decided however to be a no show so we left it to the iranians, and of course with extra... extra blood that is





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