not my best friend's wedding

shirt - onesimus, jeans - custom, belt - zara, sunglasses - aldo

glasses - storm, shoes - JD

kinda looked like a fuckin popsicle, lol

last thursday, a former office mate of mine got married
i wasn't really invited until the last minute 

invitation says "strictly formal" but if you know me, i don't conform, 
especially when it comes to what am wearing

ayen, my friend, who was also there was joking that i should wear my barong
told her it's not gonna happen, never!
i only wore it because i had no choice 
t'was one of my best friends wedding, i was part of the entourage
funny coz when my other best friend got hitched i declined to wear the barong
no playing favorites there but i just wasn't ready looking silly

am not one of those people who'd look good wearing barongs
come on, look at my built
i'd look like i belong inside a coffin for crying out loud

so there it is....

black jeans, blue shirt.... and unbuttoned.... i know! 

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