sunday, not morning

 hello! do i look like an ass?

 shirt - topman, jeans - custom, belt - zara, sunglasses - ray-ban, boots - kenneth cole

am not angry, promise

had to go to the office for Windows 7 training last sunday... 
i know, SUNDAY!
and it's not done yet, i still have another session, and of course, 
again, this SUNDAY!

we don't have much of a choice anyway, staffing and manpower issues
the hardest part actually was not the sunday schedule
it's the fact that i had to train people of something that i failed to study
am usually prepared but i had another training that i had to prioritize

oh well, i managed to deliver it, with the help of another trainee
a trainee who's more knowledgeable with the subject
so thank you dindo, you saved me from becoming a total ass, lol!
good thing that i "partially" reviewed it, i think it went ok
ok coz i still managed to look ok after the so called worst delivery ever

shots were taken by ron torres, an office mate 
who i think is getting better and better, while we're waiting for our dinner
crazy that i had to ask him to take a picture of me
while walking, amidst the chaos, of people walking, ogling 
and children carelessly playing
t'was embarrassing, especially that i had to do it twice

anyways, who gives a shit 

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  1. love the pixies Doll! but there's sumthin wrong in one of your sentences... rechec recheck! #grammarwhore :p

  2. Hello there metrosexual trainer! Naks :)





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