am lanky, so what's ur mofo problem

i believe that these kind of shots are only reserved
for a&f models
but what the heck, this is my blog, lol

am not actually like this
i used to be so shy taking my shirt off
i would even go swimming wearing jeans and t-shirt
even in the pool, a very sad picture right?
not to mention hilarious as well

everything changed when i met my friend jai
jai is one of those gym rats, used to be
and since he's buff, he always wanted to take his shirt off
but not just his, he wanted everyone to do the same
t'was very embarrassing, i just wanted to disappear
but hey they noticed ma abs

and thats how i started, and i did not stop since
ma abs even made a chick scream when she touched it
maybe she's disgusted? hmmm

i know i need to gain weight but it's just hard
it's like asking someone overweight to loose weight
it's frustrating, i know the feeling
i guess, gain weight or not, 
i need to enjoy what i have and make the most of it, right?

am hoping one day i would, so i can finally wear speedos
mofo kidding!
goodness, i'd rather stay skinny

sunglasses - ray ban, boardshorts - hollister, tank top - bench, flip flops - diesel

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