color blind

it's a known fact that am color blind
i think it's the main reason why i prefer black, blue, white, brown and green
i wanted to be safe, and i guess it's the idea that i would look better wearing dark colors,
black especially

occasionally, when i'd go shopping with friends i would end up getting a colorful shirt
my friend, maui, picked a pink polo shirt for me once which i think is the girliest of all colors

am actually fine with the idea of not wearing colors
however, when i started blogging it's becoming obvious that i really need to give color a try
ma famous blogger friend :) being miss east, is always, how would i say it, nag? lol!
she's always urging me to try colors
i remember her saying "you should try color blocking king"
i actually googled it and was repulsed with what i saw
the idea that a guy would end up looking like a peacock is scary, mofo scary 

enter bellarocca, 
it's a posh island resort situated off the south west coast of the marinduque province
which resembles, kinda, the beautiful island of santorini
whenever i have a trip, i always make sure that i plan what am going to wear
but bella is different, it's not your typical kelly slater surfer dude kinda island
it's more like jude law in ischia kinda vibe

so here it is guys, am wearing multi-colored checkered shirt for the first time
i hope it's not too much.... don't get your hopes high though
color blocking is still out of the picture

shirt - custom, belt - zara, shorts - regatta, shoes - sperry, glasses - ray ban & giordano

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