the much awaited bellarocca trip finally came

instead of flying, me and some of my office mates decided 
to take the bus and the boat instead
it took us 8 hrs before we reach bellarocca
the trip wasn't really bad at all
we got a chance to buy stuff we forgot to bring 
and see the province of marinduque thru the eyes and words
of a very eager local/father of the driver turned tour guide

i actually pity the other group 
because instead of their supposed 12:00 pm flight
they ended up taking off around 4:00 pm
talk about punctuality, zest air style
we now know, based from the locals themselves,
 that it's a "normal" thing for zest to arrive late on the island
so lucky for us, we arrived earlier just before nightfall
aside from boredom, i saved my self from turning into a mofo angry flyer, 
airphil and mactan, do you remember?

anyways, expect more blog entries about my bellarocca trip
for the meantime, just content yourselves looking at the pictures
pictures of me of course, what else

.... and am wearing shorts by the way, showin my chicken legs
i know!

shirt - topman, straw hat - h&m, sunglasses - ray ban, sneakers - jack purcell
cut out shorts - levis, belt - s&k, duffle bag - fred perry

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