ode to bella

Been travelling for 7 hours straight
and I should be fagged
But my longing to see her is far more great
Nothing else matters

The dark is looming
I’m afraid I won’t see her from afar
Suddenly, from my window I see an image
Is that her?

T’was in one of those glossies I can’t recall
That was the first time I saw her
She reminded me of that famous place in the Aegean
Almost, but not quite

As we draw closer, the image is becoming more vivid
the familiar white structures and the thick dark foliage
she's lying still in the middle of the blue ocean
as if she's waiting

finally, we're face to face
and i can't help but sigh 
Yes, she’s lovely
Bellarocca, bella rocca indeed!

many thanks to the staff of bellarocca, 
it's not just the island that i wanted to see again but you guys as well, 
u're all wonderful, 
never been to a place where the hosts were as hospitable and gracious
i fell like a rockstar! :)

you'll definitely see me again.... soon!

sorry for the crappy writing
this is the best that i can come up with, 
i tried, hehehhe! 

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  1. Ha!!! kudos lumon! loveeeee your pics and mostly, your blogs! who's "she?" ....

    1. tnx te! who is she? just trying to be poetic, hahaha! haven't found her yet :)





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