so you're not korean

shirt - topman, jeans - viva, boots - le soleil, sunglasses - aldo

last sunday, i was in cafe havana greenbelt drinking alone
yes, i was alone, am such a loser you might think
but hey! i have an alibi, hehehe!
been preparing for my bella rocca trip this 3rd week of may
when i say preparing, am talking about the clothes and the shoes
i don't usually prepare this way if i have a trip
but ever since i started this blog i feel like am obligated to not look crappy
assuming that i don't look crappy
since bella rocca is a snobbish place,
i know that my usual board short, tank top and flip flops will not work there
after the training and dinner at sambokojin i went to greenbelt
am supposed to go to zara to buy espadrilles and accessories for vanessa east
but just my luck, zara's already closed when i got there
since i traveled far, i decided to just stay and have coffee at starbucks
i changed my mind after seeing cafe havana, i want ALCOHOL!
so there i was, alone, in the bar i usually call united colors of benetton
i had vodka bull, my favorite
must have stirred it very hard that the ice cube fell out of the glass
so instead of letting it melt on the table, i decided to put it in the ashtray instead
then this waitress came, took the ashtray and replaced it
before she left she told me "sir, please don't spit on the ashtray!"
surprised with what i heard i replied "no i did not, why would i do that, 
and i don't spit everywhere"
she left and i continued drinking and people watching
i guess it's the asshole in me that won't let that accusation just pass so i called her
told her "you know miss, i'm a filipino and it's not in our culture to just spit everywhere,
personally it grosses me out" and she was like "ah! am sori sir"
then "so you're not korean? because koreans spit in their ashtrays and glasses,
i thought you did, coz it (ashtray) was wet"
i don't know if am suppose to feel happy that she thought am korean,
or am i suppose to be insulted

anyways, so much for justifying this entry's title
pictures were taken by, again, ron torres, another great job sir
but where are the other pictures?

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  1. bwahahahahahahhahahahahahaaahhaah RACIST! but youre right. not all of them but i have met quite a handful to say they DO do that. i lurve them boooots! arrgghhh

    1. hahah! am not! twas d waitress.... d boots? dats from my "happy place" hahaha!

  2. nice fotos, btw. at di mo na sana inaway ang waitress. ninakaw mo nalang sana ang ashtray. hahahaa

    1. tnx king.... dili worth it, yaot an ila ashtray, apil baso,lol!





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