yesterday was our department's GA
we're at paeng's eastwood bowling and billiards
t'was the first time that i bowled again after ten years

i managed to bowl a strike and spare but definitely a lot of gutter balls
i did not intend to play actually but was forced to
nevertheless i had fun

after paeng's, our team went to bigoli
we had our short recognition event/awarding of sort 
while playing bingo, followed by dinner

i actually got an award, best in japorms and fb pic
and the price? a shot of jose cuervo sans salt & lemon
i don't think it's really an award, they just want us to drink

went home around 1:00 am
wanted to drink but am mofo tired
anyways, t'was raining so this is what i wore yesterday

my right arm and my legs are still sore btw 
goodluck to partying tonight

glasses - giordano, checkered button down - penshoppe, vneck shirt - zara
denim - custom, belt - ronald pineau, boots - cc.w., bracelet - esprit

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  1. Hopefully gaan jaon na bowling ball kay na malisud na kon dili nimo iton madaug





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