thou shalt not wear the same shirt

last week, my friend eden villarba, yes, of chic in the tropics
invited me to be her escort/tour guide for the ms world 2012 pageant
being a "kaladkarin" of course i would say yes
the original plan was all of ze mafioso's supposed to come
however, since she only got 1 extra ticket, she can only bring one
so why is neil present on the pageant night?
well, lets just say he sold his soul to the devil, lol!

anyways, pictures were taken by eden, at the residences 
after her meeting with agora rep & tv5 execs in tsukiji restaurant, makati
the food? don't ask! am not into japanese food
if it wasn't just embarrasing, i'd ask for vinegar, lemon, ginger & onion
and make "kinilaw" out of the raw fish served to us
i can't imagine the scene i'd create, it'd be mofo hilarious
but i enjoyed the mango juice though

the shoot was excruciating to tell you honestly
there i was, taking pictures of another cam whore like me
and not just another cam whore, it's miss eden v
i like taking photos, but not with dslr
i hate the fuzz that you had to go through in order to take a good photo
luckily, eden was very patient, she taught me how to use it
of course she had to, or else she won't have pictures to post on her blog, hahaha

i think the photos were ok, i mean i would know
cause she would giggle and shriek like a school girl whenever she likes a particular shot
if you have time, just visit her site
and oh i shot eden with ze mr. david guison as well
how did the encounter go? hmmmm.... 
let's just say eden's indeed a school girl, lol!

this pose, one foot tip-toeing, according to eden, is a must for bloggers, oh what d heck, lol! 

sunnies - ray ban, paulit2 shirt - custom, belt - ronald pineau, jeans - custom, 
bracelet - esprit, kicks - cc.w.

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  1. seloso. i was jumping up and down after i had a photo with david g. hahahaa bleh.

  2. coz u're a girl... if it's jamie hince i might jump, maybe, lol!





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