hometown glory


that's ma father, operating our boat

 tinago island/cave

 cloud formation on top of brgy. kandula

 sagisi island

 sand bar in front of bikini beach, talavera island

 pump boats in front of our house

hey guys! just got back from ma trip to my hometown, 
tagana-an, surigao del norte, philippines
the trip was tiring as usual but t'was fun
like every trip, i mean almost, you always look forward 
to gettin there and feel bad leavin
i was glad that ma mom didn't cry when i left, hahaha

why not stay there for good?
let's just say if you're born and raise in a metropolis it's kinda hard
no partyin, no starbucks, no shops, slow internet, no work
though it's nice goin to the beach everyday doin nothin
you'll surely miss your fast pace life 
i mean i can't live all ma life wearin boardshorts ryt?

anyways, am sori for not taking a lot of pictures 
of our town's annual fiesta
aside from the fact that i was always drunk,
i also hated the idea of using ma phone's camera
but hey, i think the pictures were not as bad as i thought
and oh, no outfit shots

the boatman, lol

i want to say thank you by the way for viewing this crappy blog
got 25 countries already on ma flag counter
can't believe i got relatives all over the world, hahaha
really, thank you guys
and i would love to hear from y'all

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  1. nice! I wanna go to your place!

  2. tnx marco... u'll definitely like it if you're into sun, sea and sand, or surf! sama k sa amin ni kat next time





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