look ma, no socks

i really dunno what to call this look
am not talkin bout the polo shirt and trousers combination 
coz it's normal (at least to me)
it's the folded pants and no socks shit
it's not really my thing although it looks cool
i guess ma chicken legs are holding me back from tryin it

my friend kevin, who's always adventurous when it comes to what he wears
would always rock this, same with ma other friend neil
the only difference is, they're both wearing boat shoes

i read a gq article on-line about pitti uomo by mr tim little
it was hilarious and that opened ma eyes to the world of 
rolled up trousers, sainsbury's shrink-wrapped kumquats genitals,
sockless and stinkin feet 
so last monday, in the name of blogging, i decided to try it ma self

how did it go? well lets just say it was ok
people seem not to mind how i looked
the only negative feedback i got was from my bff maui
and it was about my color combination, color blind bebeh, remember?
oh well, i can't always bbm miss vanessa east for color advice 
everytime i have to leave the house

would i keep it? hell yeah!
i think am gonna rock this shit until i get blisters
even if it's summer, even if there's storm
stinkin feet and all
i won't give a shit even if i get questions like
where's the flood brah? did you get taller brah?

by the way, rocked this look thrice already
how's that for i don't give a shit mofos?

sunnies - ray ban, polo shirt - f&h, garrison belt - zara, trousers - f&h, watch - nixon
jacket - spf, messenger bag - paul smith, oxfords - villains by sf 

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  1. Hahahaha!!! Try the combination that i asked u... Knitted beige/off white or light brown partnered to your rolled up trousers and shoes. :)

  2. sige.... i'll look, i saw one s benetton but malaki, hehehe!

  3. i am loving your looooksss lately. the ms World is still no 1, this is no 2. c'mon! start rocking nolan ross! and oh. i should start charging you diay kada bbm nimo about colors. im seryos.


    1. salamat powhz! i'll try ma best, you know am still afraid of colors.... and it'd be harder since you'll be charging me for every consultation, hahhaah!

  4. waaiiiittt is this the paul smith bag we wanted when i was there? i hate youuuuu

    1. this is a different bag.... i got this on my first trip... d other one hope it's still there.... magdungan ta pagpalit s imong misyon, hehhhe

  5. Buy super low-cut socks in SM Department Store ;)

  6. i'll check, and thank you for visitin ma site, tats ako, hehehhe!

  7. wait... what's d line?... oh!... u're really a real friend... hahhaha! tnx lex! it's actually my daily look, nagsawa n nga ata mga tao dito eh, hehehe!





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