yesterday we had our annual sports fest
the office rented paeng's bowling and billiards for the event
i played bowling for our department, and guess what? we got bronze
am not a sporty kind of guy, i prefer watching instead of playing
but because it's compulsory and i enjoy playing bowling, i participated

i practised ma ass off before the game started
and i think it affected my performance during first round, i think
we managed to enter the second round and never realized we'll finish third
anyways, twas a fun day except that my right arm 
and both legs are sore right now
don't forget the blister on my thumb

thanks myk and kite for the pics and for tolerating my whims

 free food, am not complaining

  myk and aries

 hr peeps


billiard players

 my 2 consecutive strikes  

team yugoslavia: me, jon and rico, sans glen and richard  

sunnies - ray-ban, glasses - giordano, shirt - topman, belt - zara
jeans - custom, boots - le soleil, watch - nixon, military jacket - thrifted

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