it's a duty call

manila is drenched right now and flood's everywhere
am not supposed to go to work however, being a trainer,
pretty much i have no choice but to be there
so i braved the weather and voila!
only one trainee showed up
i know i should've stayed home but duty call

there i was, with one trainee, waiting for the other trainees to arrive
then text messages started coming
"can't make it boss", "floods everywhere sir", this and that
instead of the usual training, 
asked my trainee to just review the previous topics
don't want to repeat my self again tomorrow when everyone's present
once in a while we would check the news
check the emails for HR updates
pretty much a very unproductive day

anyways, i asked erwin, another trainer, to take these photos
the cam whore in me, i know
and why am i not wearing flip flops? coz i don't have one!

fountain lagoon, Eastwood City

 waiting for my ride

6pm and rain is not stopping

at last, my ride

a lot of filipinos are in need of our help right now
please help in any way you can
bloggers united, a blogger organization here in the Philippines
is currently accepting donation
you may donate food, clothes, cash or perhaps volunteer 
please head over to any Moon Leaf Tea branch
or look for Aisa Ipac, she'll be in the Maginhawa branch tomorrow
thanks guys and please pray for our kababayans
keep safe everyone!

sunnies - ray ban, shirt - topman, jacket - spf, watch - nixon
belt - s&k, jeans- custom, oxfords - villains by sf
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