mofo ain't got he-vage

pictures were taken yesterday during our lunch break
i wore this new shirt that i purchased last july for the first time
almost forgot about it until i decided to check a paperbag lying on the floor
signs of aging, hehehhe!

supposed to wear it on my friend's birthday but the low cut kinda bothered me
i know you might ask why did i get it, well call it impulse
which is kinda normal to me especially when it comes to shopping
just like typing the pseudo word mofo, reflex!

think this type of shirt, including very low v-necks, 
is geared more for lean guys, with he-vage
but you know me, i'll say no then i'll change my mind
the lies i tell my self, right banisa?

so there i was, owning the look like a true mofo
protruding collar bones and all
oh, am wearin the same shoes again
promise guys, soon as i find a nice replacement i'll retire them
meaning ill give it 2-3 blog posts rest

anyways, my flag counter now shows 31 flags, yey!
as promised, i'll be giving away stuff to 1 lucky guy & 1 lucky girl readers
i'll update you guys with the date and the mechanics soon
thanks y'all 

sunnies - ray ban, shirt - zara man, garrison belt - zara
watch - nixon, oxfords - villains by sf, jeans - lowrys farm

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