mofo & some mofos

sun is up finally! 
although it would drizzle once in a while,
it's better compared to what manila experienced these past few days
a lot of areas are still flooded
and rescuers are still working hard to save the victims

different private and government organizations
are trying their best to bring aid and help
sadly, some people and politician wannabes 
are taking advantage of the situation
using the plight of the flood victims for their ambitions

got irritated earlier with this radio announcer throwing
negative remarks about the president's visit to a flooded area
especially when the field reporter would mention names
of the president's entourage
then while watching news, saw a paid commercial
of this senator wannabe talking about brighter future
the mofo is already campaigning, MOFO asshole!
think the reason why (s)he was there is because of the vote
and not to help

it's sad coz i really like this senatoriable and 
i know (s)he can really make a difference
now i got nothing but shame for her/him
don't ask me why am bein cryptic if it's a she or he
i don't want to give further clues, coz it'd be too obvious
and some mofo might get mad 

oh well, on the lighter note, i wore lighter shade earlier, lol!
i wore white to err, welcome the sunshine
and just making a point that i don't have flip flops
so people, dressing down is not an option, ok?

btw, am close to my 30 countries target on flag counter
it's currently at 29, excluding my country, it's 28
so i just need 2 more and i'll be announcing my first ever give-away here, yey!
i wonder why panama is still a no show
anyways, had to go, i have to see if i have relatives in iceland or argentina :)

sunnies - ray ban, shirt - topman, garrison belt - zara
bracelet - esprit, watch - nixon, oxfords - villains by sf, trousers - 2percent homme

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