no umbrella policy

manila is very wet right now
very wet that i almost considered violating my no umbrella policy
don't ask why but i just hated the idea
men and umbrella are like oil and water for me
they just don't mix
black umbrella? i might, just might

this time is supposed to be the right time to wear ma boots
instead, am abusing my oxfords, my only pair
i guess am enjoying (or obsessing) the folded pants look a lot
i don't care even if my feet are always cold
let's see when will this obsession end

btw, am on day shift right now because of my new class
it's 10am to 7pm, just the right time for drinking
but my friends sched is different, so it's useless
it's just home-ofc-home routine for me, and mall during lunch breaks

pics were taken earlier during our lunch break
i asked one of my trainees to be my photographer
of course there was some explainin afterwards
oh blogging, why so hard to understand

news flash, the mofos got tired of askin "where's the flood brah"
why? because manila is a mofo pool right now

sunnies - ray ban, shirt - f&h, belt - zara
bracelet - esprit, watch - nixon, oxfords - villains by sf, trousers - 2percent homme

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  1. as zem frenchies say: Métro, boulot, dodo... #oldage

  2. i'll fuckin end it this week... i'll fuckin party hard, lol!





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