one light stand

skye lounge

skye lounge

seventh high

hello guys, good morning
just got home after partying alone
yes, you read it right, alone

went out to meet my friend doc ann from cebu earlier
she flew all the way from the island of cebu
just to watch the phantom of the opera

anyways, this is not about the opera/play or ann
it's actually about this old guy partyin
and tryin to find his girl or a girl

so after ann and her friends left he decided to stay
before that, while waitin for them at starbucks
this girl asked him if he had a light

after lending her with his cheap lighter, they had a small talk
they talked mostly about bars, gettin in and the long lines
then ann and her friends came so he left

after dinner, they went to skye lounge
there, yet again, you're right
another girl asked him if he had a light

she thanked him of course after but he did not do anythin
he just stood there, drinkin his vodka and red bull
after few minutes or so she approached him again

t'was the second time, so he mustered the strenght to introduce himself
she said her name is sim
and he told her "i'm taylor, you're a model right?"

she said no, but he know she was just trying to be modest
told her he saw her before, in runway and prints
she just laughed

she said she wanted to introduce him to her friends
he declined, he told her maybe later
so after that she gave him a hug and walked away

so ann and her friends decided to leave
the mofo however decided to stay
instead of stayin at the bar, he went to 7th high instead

he told ann "a lot of younger girls are there so i must go there instead"
so he went there, alone, after few minutes,
your guess is right, another girl asked him for a light

same scenario, he did not do anything
she was really not his type unlike the first two
but still he acted timid or... maybe perhaps full of himself?

ok, bottom line is he or me went home empty handed
no phone number, email address or bb pin
just nothing

while on my way home i had this question in my head
am i getting old and losing my game
or, the dreaded epiphany, that i don't really have game in the first place

i don't think i don't have game
i guess i wasn't just lucky, for the luck of better word or explanation
maybe because i don't have my wing men with me?

excuses excuses
why am i bloggin this in the first place
and why blog when you're drunk, not really, i mean kinda

forgive me guys but when you're getting old-er and single
you feel so alone sometimes
of course you have friends but it's different

sometimes you can't help but ask why am i alone
am i just for play time, one night stand
or am i just for one "light" stand?

twas my good friend neil's bday yesterday btw
happy bday to you bruh
stay metro and sexual, just like mofo

hope i'll have a better luck later tonight on your party at prive!
mofo fingers crossed!

.... i don't have outfit shot guys, promise, tomorrow!

photos posted on this entry are not mine, just so you know

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