runnin sweetharts

i was out last weekend to support my friends, mish and wes
they ran for the annual Fort Magsaysay – Dingalan 60K Ultra Run
starting point was in Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija
and finish line was at Dingalan, Aurora Province
the event was organized by the “Bald Runner”, Jovie Narcise

wes’ been running for 3 years now I think
t’was his second time to run on that event
the first time he ran, he clocked around 10 hrs and 30 mins
just 30 mins before the cut-off
last sunday, he finished at exactly 9hrs 23mins

mish on the other hand is a biker and a sprinter
although she also occasionally run, she’s known for her biking skills
she already had podium finish numerous times
unlike wes, mish is into short distance
and last sunday was her first time to run more than 30K

as part of the pair’s support team, we’re responsible for their needs
mofo and shobe, we’re responsible for the food and drinks
carlo was our designated driver, dj and pacer of sort
during the first 30k, the two was scheduled to stop after every 5ks
then the next 30k after every 3ks or depending on the route

their stop would normally just take less than 5 mins
just enough time to get an ice bath and get a different drink
the two only had water, water w/ salt, gatorade and vitwater
once in a while, if they’re hungry, they’ll eat banana, bread, chips or chocolates
occasionally, they’ll also require a leg massage to avoid getting cramps

the run started around 4am and went without a glitch
the two were at their elements, running at their agreed pace
the route was full of uphill and downhill but since t’was still dark,
the two didn’t seem to mind
they were part of the leading pack

then came 40k and the light
mish, being a sprinter is not used to running long distances
she had a meltdown after seeing the uphill route ahead
she was exhausted and she already wanted to quit
after a pep talk from us and his boyf wes, mish continued

the two clocked around 9hrs 23mins
we’re very happy that both finished the race
wes was with mish all the way to the finish line
they were each other’s strength and motivation
mish of course cried, during and after

the respect I have for runners and athletes grew more after that
watching the two alone, I can’t really fathom how they did it
and that was just 60k, to think wes ran 102k at bdm, geez
t’was a fun experience all in all
tiring, yes, boring, sometimes, will I do it again, most definitely

congratulations again guys
am proud to be part of your support team
definitely more prouder that you’re both my friends

before 40k

leaving the reservation

road block

white water rafting anyone?

gloomy weather, just what the runners need

levitating mofo

shobe wd my hat

this is for banisa and kl

ligaya = happiness

want to go swimming here next time

after the tantrums

vitwater, gatorade, water or water w/ salt?

mish: at last!

with "the bald runner"

running sweethearts

dingalan cove

had our lunch/dinner here

mofo while waiting

straw hat - h&m, sunnies - ray-ban, shirt - topman, hoodies - f/x
shorts - regatta, belt - zara, shoes - sperry, watch - nixon

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