suspenders & crappy pics




this post contains probably the crappiest pictures of all time
as far as quality is concern
is it the weather (it's gloomy again)?
the camera phone (which i use with majority of the pictures here)?
is it the photographer (my trainee)? or is it the subject (mofo)?
the latter i guess, heheheh
oh what the heck, just bear with me

anyways, this is what i wore earlier today
i know it's corporate monday but am one hard-headed mofo
i intended to wear a grey long sleeved shirt 
however, some kind-hearted individual decided to take it
hope he/she get's skin asthma, am not kiddin

about the suspenders, it's actually ms. east's suggestion
i agreed since i also read somewhere that they're comin back
she'll actually wear suspenders as well and post it on her blog
kinda like his and her take on accessories
accessories that can be worn by both sexes legitimately
so let's see where this idea will take us

thanks again for droppin by! hope to hear from y'all!

sunnies - ray ban, shirt - f&h, jeans - custom
suspenders - mc jim, boots - le soleil, watch - nixon   

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  1. i like the wall! dyan ka na magpa pic forever. na pressure naman ako sa suspenders mo. tomorrow, ako naman. hehehe shet. paano? hirappp! hahaha

  2. hahahha!yan din sabi ng sis ko! sayang nga lng pangit resolution... ikaw n pressure? lol! wear OMD!





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