i did my best & it wasn't enough

lord help me

mugen bar, metrowalk, ortigas

still beltin, i mean shoutin

tobacco sunburst - atos ceo andy, leo, marie & om macky

neil and his band, kasagpi

mafioso & pearlypop


so this is the reason why i lost my wayfarer
i was in a hurry on my way to our band practice
was already late for 2 hrs

we were in trinoma, me, kevin & pearl, prior to that 
lookin for somethin to wear for the battle of the bands event 
and i can't darn decide what to pick

the usual rocker look would be an obvious choice
but knowin me, and my "part time stylist" kevin
we decided to go the other way

kev was jokin when he told me that perhaps i should put a bow-tie on
to complete the look, of course i objected
kat suggested it to me as well before, and she got the same answer

anyways, when i got home, i saw my bros bow tie
tried it on, and well, i rocked the shit
and oh, don't forget the suspenders

now, the only problem left is the singin part
was sick, i had dry cough and sore throat
so imagine the embarrassment during our practice & the live performance

the rest, like they say, is history
i performed and i fucked it up

 song choice by the way, not mine, twas andy's

glasses - giordano, tie - wharton, shirt - harmon, jeans - custom
watch - nixon, suspenders - mcjim, oxfords - trod, pics - ron torres, video - jed sioco

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  1. shet. nawaya an ako comment! sows. anyways. bagay ra man, king! jati hamok na ako utang - bowtie sanan suspenders. grabe sab. trainer/blogger/singer/loverboy. tsk tsk tsk.



    (nay may nuffnang na sija! hahaha ganahan ako sa imo blog new look)

  2. tagpanindigan rkan nako iton bow tie, kuman sab nka butones tanan ako longsleeves, wet for the new post, heheh!

    aw supo r ako s imo, hamok talent :)

    taghuyasan intawon ko nan umedit nan html, salamat!





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