love lost. love found.

love lost.

said goodbye, abruptly, to my favorite pair of sunnies last saturday
i left it inside a cab on my way to band practice
just jumped out immediately after paying
careless and forgetful me

this is not the first time i left something inside a cab
the first time, t'was my bag with zegna glasses and dkny perfume in it
then, another bag, aldo sunnies and ck perfume
I never learn

pictures above will be the last pics I have wearing my wayfarer
i dunno if I’d get another pair
the thought of spending & sort of just giving it away again just scares me
it’s a waste of money… cheapo sunnies perhaps?

so to my beloved wayfarer,
hope your new owner has a higher nose bridge
and may you compliment his daily outfits

love found.

chambray, chambray
what’s chambray?
i don’t have any idea, really
all I know is that it’s a shirt

chambray that am wearin above is a gift
it came from my friend kat
when she told me she’s going to send it
i immediately asked google

silly, am such a newbie
so please excuse my ignorance
anyways, tnx kat
it’s actually my favorite shirt right now

… and I think i look so pogi in it, lol!

sunnies - ray ban, chambray - pierre cardin, belt - no brand
trousers - 2percent homme, oxfords - trod, watch - nixon, photos - pearlypop :)
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  1. oh my gooooood! you lost OUR fave sunnies! :((( well to make you feel better, i left 2 pairs of contact lenses inside a cab. may the next owner (if hes/shes gross like that) look more catlike than me. how do other people not lose things? i will always wonder. and see you end of this month? you look pogi! bagay sa yo ang kulay :) yay! kinilig naman ako. may colors na wardrobe mo! hehee misss yew, king!

    kittykat (nakiki level kay pearlypops, kung sino man yan "HI!") :p





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