pogi in blu

so finally, was able to update my blog layout last sunday
been thinkin bout it for a while but i was scared i'll screw up
since i just stayed home last saturday night (someone decided to ditch me),
i woke up early sunday morning and scoured the net for templates
after 3 hours, yes it took me 3 hours, i finally found 2 possible replacement

the other template was really better, however, it can't accommodate my widgets
it doesn't have options for sharing as well
i did try editing the html file but i just got frustrated
so what you're seeing right now is the second choice
hope you guys like it... and i would love to hear what you think

anyways, i wore this blue shirt to work today
and i think, blue is my favorite color now, i look so pogi right? right? right? lol!
thanks again banisa for giving me the blue chambray, you can really make any frog a prince, lol
and because of that, am obsessing bout finding and buying a blue shirt almost everyday
this is actually my third blue shirt.... blue suits me right? just agree with me, ok?

sunnies - aldo, shirt - marks & spencer, belt - i dunno, trousers - f&h, shoes - he, pics - beklog
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