twiggy for a twig

so finally i decided to let my faux hawk rest
been rockin the shit for more than 7 years now
7 years, i know
it kinda became my trademark actually
and i don't remember how it started

once in a while, if i don't have time, or money
i'd just let it grow long and style it differently
but once i get a haircut, for sure it's the same outcome
sometimes with a little bit of variation
but definitely, it's undeniably faux hawk

if you're my friend, u'd know how obsess i am with my locks
i only want the best touchin ma hair
if i don't have enough money, i'd definitely wait
i don't want to settle with a cheapo cut
trust me, i would skip meal just for my hair

so anyways, went to basement salon the other day
me and my stylist, roger, decided to update my do
but we made sure that if in case, just in case, i change my mind
i can always style it back to faux hawk
he said he'll give me a "versatile" cut

i was pleased, very pleased with the outcome
that i want to kiss my reflection, i looked so pogi, hahaha
but hell, when it was just me, i can't style it like roger did
so that ma friend, is the reason why ma hair looked like mofo twiggy's
lucky me, no one dared to make fun of it, yet

oh, i'll feature my uber stylist roger and basement salon next time
incidentally, if you get a haircut there
you'll get a 500 zalora voucher, meaning free shopping
also, you'd get an extra upon signing/joining
plus, u can use ms east zalora code "VanessaEast120" for another 5%
how's that?

anyways, it's weekend once again
meaning, party time! what else?
have a #ff y'all 

glasses - giordano, shirt - gap, jeans - custom, belt - zara
shoes - he, watch - nixon, photos - becklog
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  1. king! ya pa nako nabasa ini mu comment na tana ako na gana imo buhok! in fer! gana sija! (walang bahid ng friendship yan! ) hhahahaa mabisita nga ang roger na yan when im there. hahaha thanks sa promotion sa zalora :) bagay an hair! next time manamin kaw say this "guapooooha this guy oi! *smack*

    PS: kumprahan tanan philippine daily inquirer kuman dominggo. may article about cebu :))))


  2. salamat karajaw, clouded r sab an imo judgement, apil s tanan n mga tawo n naglaong n gana, dili ako katuo, lol!

    mag hinang rko nan lain n post for roger and basement, ipakilaya ko kaw, heheh!

    nan? starring kaw siguro hu? sikata this pretty girl from cebu uy! hahahha





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