again & again & again

this is how i looked like earlier
and the day before that, and days before that, adek lang!
this is my new favorite look, which is not new actually, at least to me
am totally obsess that i purchased 8 shirts in less than 2 months

if you notice, ma old look was more of a rocker kinda guy
although i'd wear button downs but only when i party and when i attend a wedding or somethin
and definitely, three buttons should remain unbuttoned, regardless if ma ribs are peepin out
crazy, i know

i guess this bloggin thing gave me mofo balls, not that i need extra pair, thank you very much 
am actually more open now to changes
looks that i used to consider off limits & not my shit, am actually enjoying now
so lets see where this is taking me.... hope for the better, lol!

anyways, hope you can leave a message, even a simple hi will do
just to let me know that "real" people are really readin ma blog and not just a bot, hahahah
not that am tired of reading ma friends comments
so guys, leave a comment, ok? 

sunnies - aldo, shirt - tommy hilfiger, belt - zara, trousers - lowry's farm, shoes - h e
photos - tere the new victim 
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