foster d mofo

it's always fun to see people's reaction when they see me wearing these kicks
since am usually donned in leather, it kinda creates a stir coz they're not used to it

the day before i wore these last week, i heard my trainees talkin bout rubber shoes
i remember one of them asked me if i have a pair, told them of course
they were like "really, you don't look like a rubber shoes kind of guy, can't imagine how u'd look"
 so just to prove to them i can rock it, i wore my only kicks

kevin, one of the mafioso and my closest friend, sold this to me last january
i actually asked him if i can borrow a pair of rubber shoes that i can use on our trip to cebu
i wanted to wear my boots but since we'll watch the sinulog festival which means a lot of walking, 
i thought it would be insane to wear them, am pretty sure halfway, it's the end of my feet

so kevin showed it to me, then he said it looked good, i wasn't really sold at first but what the heck
since it was still new, and just worn them couple of times, he just sold it
remember the pedro shoes, t'was his idea as well, same with the plunging vneck shirts

so that's the story of my first pump up kicks, first one after college, yes after college
may not get the reaction that i always want but who cares, some people loved it, some hated it
pretty much like in life, you got supporters and you got losers, er haters

I don't mind people putting us down, 
because if everybody really liked us, 
it would be a bore.
john lennon

sunnies - friez, military jacket - thrifted, shirt - f&h, denim - custom, kicks - nike, belt - ronald pineau
photos - egz
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