godfather, godson

went to my godson's 1st birthday, auhndrei miguel, earlier @ shakey's galleria mall, ortigas
auhndrie is my best friend's son, who i think will eclipse his ninong as far as style is concern
blame maui for it, being their 1st child, she only want what's best for him, good thing auhmer is there to balance it out
maui is kinda like me, we always find a reason to buy something

the birthday celebration started around 3pm however i arrived i think around 3:30pm
the place was jam packed, good thing that they rented the entire resto just for the event
auhndrei's birthday was fun, both for the kids and the adults
i actually partake on one of the games, actually maui forced me, lol
just one of those silly games, the girls won of course, and we guys ddn't receive even a consolation a price

anyways, happy birthday again to my godson auhndrei miguel
may you grow up to be a fun and loving person
when you're older, you can always count on ninong for advice, but i suggest style and party related only
anything about girls, i'll leave it to your ninong wesley coz that's his area of expertise :)
and if you need money & stuff, go to your mom, am sure she'll say yes
for homeworks & everything bout life, of course go to your dad
again, money = mom, ok?

my gift, florsheim boots, coz his mom said so 

cutei kaia, my friend krishna's daughter, i scared her i think

 auhndrei with his mom & dad

still not sure why barney, lol

auhndrei with her nanny/2nd mom "mommy D" 

coz kevin is sick (supposedly) so it's just us

wes, mish, mofo

sunnies - spf, shirt - esprit, trousers - custom, belt - zara, shoes - pedro
photos - shobe
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