mofo don't fret

1 day left and my class is done
this is one of those classes that i don't feel confident of the would be outcome, am really worried
it's not them but it's more of my performance as a trainer, the modules, process, etc
not sure how my trainees will perform on their UAT
but they're all tenured so i hope it's not as bad as i envisioned

anyways, come monday, they'll start their UAT
it's gonna be a very hectic and stressful week am pretty sure
but for now, i'll stop frettin about it
being ms east is comin this weekend so she'll keep me occupied
and tomorrow, we'll have our end-of-training/graduation sort of borlogan session, i'll post some pics

later guys! 

sunnies - aldo, shirt - marks & spencer, belt - dunno, trousers - f&h, shoes - h e, messenger bag - paul smith
photos - egz
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