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good afternoon guys!
just got back from this blogger workshop sponsored by schu shop manila
t'was a last minute invite so i wasn't really sure if am gonna go
had this "session" with my trainees since it's our last day of training
and yes, i was a bit drunk, sorry bout that (sarah knows lol)

anyways, i decided to go and i was late for 30 mins
good thing that it didn't start right away so i ddn't really miss anything
when i arrived, there was just few people inside the store
i was really bored at first since i ddn't see any familiar faces but eventually people started coming in

i noticed anagon but am not sure if it was her coz she looked different, "pretty" different actually
she was taller and she got curls, she got girly :)
was supposed to say hi but she might not remember me so i ddn't
then came sarah and paul, then i saw seph and shai

anyways, schu shop manila sponsored this workshop that was conducted by seph and shai
now, if you're into fashion blogs, you know who these two are
they basically talked about fashion blogging, how they started, dos and don'ts, even their love story
pretty much everything about blogging that would be helpful to blogger wannabes or newbies

i don't really consider my self a style blogger
i mean i blog and all but if you noticed, i don't really talk that much about styling and fashion
though i post outfit pics but i'd usually talk about other things, more of personal stuff
i don't say what you should wear and what you shouldn't

regardless of what my blog is all about, the workshop taught me a lot
although some of their ideas are given or standard, there are things that newbies are not really aware of
sorry but am not gonna enumerate those things anymore but there's a lot
so i really thank schu shop manila for letting me attend this event

you guys are very friendly and accommodating
too bad i'm abstaining my self from shopping right now so i ddn't really bother checking most of your stuff for guys
and good thing that your shoes are all for girls, trust me if you have broques for men, am lifting my self-imposed shopping ban, lol

and to seph and shai, it was fun seeing and meeting you guys
i can definitely say that you're both down to earth and genuine people
thanks for making my afternoon worthwhile!

twitter - @schu_shop

sunnies - aldo, shirt - tommy hilfiger, belt - zara, trousers - f&h, shoes - h e, watch - nixon the unit
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