blabbermouth & hiz shoes

People might say that if your a fuckin blabbermouth, you'll never run out of things to say and you're always blabberin. Believe me it's not true. Though i love talkin and i guess it's one of the reasons why i became a trainer in the first place but there are instances wherein i also wanted to shut ma fuckin mouth up. One instance is when am lonely or missin someone, two, when am intimidated, three, when i don't like the person, four am tired, five, i got nothin good to say, six, i don't know what to say and lastly, i just don't want to talk, period. 

So today i'll just keep it short coz, #6 i don't know what to say or write about. Which i think works better for you guys coz i know you're all motherfuckin tired of my whining and my corny jokes (and the wrong grammar). 

I wanted to however share the story behind the new nice shoes am wearin today. If you're not into cheap shoes just fuckin go away, it's not sebago or sperry. Kidding! Found them at a shoe repair shop where i had my belt punched with extra hole. No i did not lose weight for crying out loud, i mean am barely 1 kilogram. The shoes were actually well made, got nice material and i like the color. So i asked the repair guy how much, he said it's Php 750. Asked him if i can get it for Php 700 (around $3.5) and he agreed. So why prolong my excitement, bought 'em right away. He told me a local brand called Otto made it, although it got Esprit branding. So as soon as i got home, i took the fake Esprit branding out. And the rest they say is history, wore it today, everybody loved it, yada yada yada. Yes everybody, coz i said so dick head.

OK, enough, i said it's goin to be short. Sorry, am really a fuckin blabbermouth.       

sunnies - ray ban, shirt - uniqlo, belt - zara, jeans - custom, shoes - fake Esprit
photos - grace
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