cheap & chic - klassé muraé

  got these 2 for my self, the beads are made of carabao horn

for my sis

Ms. Nicole Roxas

I was in Eastwood Mall last Friday afternoon to check some shoes. No, i did not get a new pair for my self if you might ask (am fuckin tryin to save remember?), it's for my friend wes, call it pay back, he always gives me expensive gifts (if you're reading this, am planning to buy a boat shoes instead, not the brouges that we talked about, coz you need it more, heh!) coz he's generous like that. Found the shoe (don't get fuckin excited brah, did not buy it yet)..... and found this lovely chick and her creations as well.

Meet Nicole Roxas, she's the owner and designer of a fashion accessory store called Klassé Muraé. Klassé (class-sey) Muraé (moo-ray) means classy but cheap, or cheap and chic, which reminds me of moschino perfume. If you're my friend, you prolly know how crazy i am with bracelets and necklaces, but since am already old (there i said it assholes) i kinda toned it down. But somethin happened in the fashion scene and the man-bracelets are makin a come back. So to all you fuckers out there, who wants to look stylish, without breaking your piggy bank (coz you're cheap), try Nicole's accessories. I promise you won't look like a peacock (coz macho guys are fuckin homophobics, they don't want people to know they're trying hard to look stylish). The colors are neutral and the style/design is subtle, just what any closet male fashionista needs. I also noticed that her accessories are very well made, she's really standing by her brand name.

Not to alienate my pretty, stylish friends and readers, the brand has more stuff for you actually. Since my knowledge of ladies accessory is limited, i'll just let you decide by looking at the pictures, assuming you can see them, lol.

Unfortunately peeps, Nicole doesn't have a web site yet(just fb page), so if you're interested you may call, email or visit her store. You can also see her lovely creations at SM Kultura stores in Megamall, Makati and MOA.

Phone: +63 916 536 3199/+63 922 663 8519/+63 2 736 5086
Store: Victoria Towers, Timog Ave. cor Panay Ave., Quezon City      

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