cheap friday

It's a common misconception that in order to look good, one must wear expensive, well known and designer brands. Yes, you might say bullshit and that i for one is brand conscious. I am guilty, i know, but not all of what i have costs an arm and limb. 

When i was still in school, since i don't have enough money  (mc hammer broke) to buy my self expensive stuff, i would usually buy something that doesn't have brand logos or prints. That way, people can't really tell what the fuck i'm wearing and they can't say they're fake since they can't see any branding. I make it a point though that it'd fit me well and the materials used are ok and not tacky. 

Now let's talk about what am wearing above. The sunnies came from my trainee, he got 'em from the sidewalk for only $1. No it doesn't say ray ban so don't tell me am patronizing fake goods. The shirt, came from f&h, only costs $10. The jeans, it's custom made for only $25. The belt, from a bazaar, for only $6. The boat shoes, you already know the story, for only $14. Lastly, attitude, costs $0.

So you see, it's not always about the fucking price tag. Remember, in order to look like an asshole, just be an asshole, attitude morons!

But then again, if you (or sugar momi) can afford it, why the fucking not! We're shallow anyway.

Happy thanksgiving to all of you! 
sunnies - gifted, shirt - f&h, jeans - belt - unknown, boat shoes - unknown
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