frantic tuesday

i have to wake up and drag myself away from the bed every 3am for this entire week
yes dear readers, you read it right, 3 fuckin am
my new schedule is 6am to 3pm and god knows the memo would be flying, yet again, should i be late 1 more time
trainers should arrive first before the trainees and not the other way around
that's one fuckin rule that i need to understand and inculcate in this faux hawk clad head of mine

so aside from that shitty sched, i had to go to the ofc earlier than 6am to do other work
that other work is called time sheet, and its for my previous trainees (thank you very much for the incomplete data, really)
so there i was, at 2am, working frantically to beat the deadline
god knows what people would do if they don't get laid, er i mean paid

don't feel sorry for me though, i have a new class, meaning a chance to promote my mofo blog
am shameless, i know, so during our getting-to-know shit, i told them "i'm a blogger" then showed them my site
anyways, for the meantime, just content yourselves looking at my lanky, i-don't-need-to-exercise-to-get-washboard-abs self wearin linen and corduroy pants
.... and please, for the love of god, leave your fuckin comments, REPRESENT y'all!

sunnies - spf, shirt - polo ralph, belt - zara, pants - custom, oxfords - villains by sf, laptop bag - paul smith
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