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groovy mom with kids

first and only serving... buffet restos will really like me

leche flan and salad


i really want to take these home, but big bro aka cctv is watching, heh!

viking restaurant, sm mall of asia

line was long when i arrived

moa at night

eye of moa, lol

When you talk about groovy moms, tita jo is definitely on the top of my list. Tita jo is kev's mom. She's one of those moms who's easy to be with, you can talk to her almost about anything and she's very funny. T'was the second time I went to their house and spent the night there since me, kev and the rest of the mafioso are always out late, partying. Around 6 in the morning, me and kev decided to drink, don't get me wrong, we're no fucking alcoholics, it's just that we're up early so we decided to drink. Tita joined us and i offered her a drink. To my surprise she did, and that's how we started. Although tita is a firecracker she's also kinda melodramatic. She'd tell me stories about their life, her love story, her struggles and her triumphs.  

Being both arian (see 2 for the road entry), me and kev became close, we would always hang out and most of the time it's at their house. I guess tita got used to seeing me always there, she joked if i already planned to move in and become her adopted son. She'd always make fun of the fact that i'd usually wear the same clothes for two days because i did not bring spare. Yes, clothes and underwear fuckers, ever heard of side a, side b? Got too many stories to tell you about tita and i can go on and on but i'd stop here. Tita might disown me for talking too much, heh!

So to you tita, happy birthday! You know how very thankful I am for being so nice to me. I know you're a bully sometimes but it's endearing. Thank you for allowing me to be somewhat part of your family.

PS. Just let me know if kevin is giving you a headache, i'll give him an elbow drop.

shirt - dunhill, glasses - giordano, trousers - lowry's farm, belt - zara
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