if i had a sugar momi #1

it's monday morning and my lazy skinny ass is up
already watched walking dead on my ofc mate's site
downed 4 cups of cofi, finished off 3 bars of cadbury and smoked a pack of luckies (coz i refused to go out and buy food)
what better thing to do but surf the net and read stuff
news, blogs, wikipedia, peoples shit, etc
....then i remember the pretty things i saw earlier
why not blog about them, yes why not

so instead of the usual ugly and picmonkey-ed mug of mine that you lovingly (so it's now a sin to assume?) check on this site
am featuring things i wish i have.... or to put it simpler, things i wish i can AFFORD to buy 

seriously, am thinking of dating a rich matron now... wait, i change my mind, a rich cougar, yes a hot, rich cougar

PS. and why not a classic car or bike instead? am taking it slow, lol

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