if i had a sugar momi #2

It's sunday once again and another unproductive weekend. Our band practice yesterday did not pan out, or maybe they just decided not to text me coz ma voice fuckin sucks anyway. Got an invite to a videoke/house party sort of shit but decided not to go coz am just fuckin lazy.

So what better way to spend my weekend than to check hip and cool stuff online. Stuff that are way too expensive to buy if you're not a leader of a drug cartel,  dad's not a land developer who scam people or grandpa's a dictator and grandma's a jet setting shoe hoarder. So while am still trying to find ma hot and filthy rich cougar (or a gay benefactor if that's what you prefer), i'll content ma self looking at these stuff. If she comes, i'd be ready, i already know where to spend her cash (from the dead old husband) or credit card. Besides, being broke and poor makes you more creative, innovative and resourceful since you can't afford to buy designer goods, you'll use them as inspiration for the look that you want. And of course, don't forget to always wear your attitude, it's that one thing that separates you from the crowd. 

Remember, it's not what and who you wear, it's how you wear them. Wear them as if you don't give a shit.

Belstaff motorcycle jacket

These jackets will radiate the bad ass in you, so bad ass you don't even need a motorcycle. Pair it with a raw denim, a white shirt, boots and your good to go. What i love about it is the size, cut and the design, bad ass yet elegant at the same time. Just remember not to wear it when it's too damn hot, or else you'll end up sweating like a pig, pass out and hit your head on the pavement.

Alexander McQueen triple monk strap boots

Coz 2 straps are not enough and they're McQueen. For $795 price tag, you have the right to step on other's cheap and boring shoes, subsequently murdering their toe nails. If they yell at you, just scream back and say "they're McQueen, how many times did a designer shoe/s step on you, don't be ungrateful bitch!". Stylish as they look, am not diggin the color, i want it in black or brown. But you can always get away with it, just wear something dark and plain, and let the boots do the talking.

Grenson single monk strap shoes

If you're afraid of being labelled as sissy, coz most guys are sissy when it comes to fashion and sissy to admit they wanted to look stylish, try this single monk strap instead from Grenson. Monk straps are back, and these pair will make you stylish without looking like you really planned it, you can always say "oh, i didn't know". Am just glad i still have a pair left lying somewhere, two actually, but am sure the other pair's too tired for parade already.

Imogene + Willie boro scarf

Wait for a sec, Philippines is a tropical country i fuckin know that, am very much aware, but you can always find an excuse to wear a scarf here. One is in the office, like our office, where it's always fuckin cold like you're in the north pole or something (or maybe it's just me coz am so fuckin skinny). Two, pretend that your sick so you need that extra fabric to warm you up but you're stylish and not a sissy bout bein stylish you wore a boro scarf instead. This scarf is more appropriate in our country compared to chunky types. I dig the patchwork type details and the simple colors.

Kaufman Mercantile bag

It's still appalling to know that guys here in our country still cringe to the idea of carrying a man purse. I mean if you're not in school, this shit is the way to go, unless of course your donning a sporty outfit. Believe me, when you're in a corporate world and you're wearin your usual sad, boring and horrible office get up, you'd look more horrible carrying a sporty backpack. When everything's said and done, and you're still so sissy about it, try this type of backpack instead, again leave the high-school back pack alone unless your running or heading to the gym. 

photos courtesy of simpleguystyle, fourpins, intheleftlane and menstylefashion

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