I'm reunited with my love, at last! I'm not talkin about my ex (i fuckin wish), am talkin about "the" Ray Ban wayfarer. It's not really that i found the pair i carelessly lost months ago but rather the new pair i purchased yesterday. Am supposed to get the same sunnies but decided to try the foldable version. The feeling that i had before the first time I laid eyes on it did not change at all, i was giddy like a school boy who saw his crush. I know it sound retarted but that's how i feel when i see something i really like. Or maybe am just really fuckin retarded, hmmm.

So today, to celebrate my new wayfarer, i dressed up (i know, i know, wasn't dressy enough for  you fashionistas). What i love about the Ray Ban classics is their ability to compliment whatever you're wearing. I mean you can go casual, formal, preppy or sporty. Whatever your choice of the classics, you'll definitely find one that would adopt and blend seamlessly with whatever look your trying to achieve (no wonder, my dad got 2 pairs).

Anyways, so much bout my dope wayfarer, am motherfuckin happy to announce that i, mofo, is now an official model to this up and comin fashion show sponsored by AVA and Glorietta Vibe. Thanks to all of you. I know your fingers are all sore and shit because of my demands to fuckin vote for me a thousand times. So really, from the bottom of my skinny heart, thank you! I don't have the details yet of the show, fittings and what not, but i'll update you. Happy weekend guys!

PS. Please pray that i don't lose my wayfarer again, i mean am gonna fuckin kill ma self if it happens again.... motherfuckin kidding :)      

sunnies - ray ban, check shirt - harmon, v-neck - zara, belt - zara, trousers - custom, loafers - h e
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