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So here i am in this bar called eat my english in ortigas, with laptop open, tethering enabled on my phone, trying to finish this entry while drinking jd & coke. So why the fuck am blogging and drinking at the same time, why not finish drinking, go home and create this entry? Oh well i want to finish this asap. Double time fuckers! 

No really, am just excited to share that the organizer already called earlier and i'll be modelling mossimo stuff. My only concern though is the fitting, i don't know why but we don't have fitting session/s. The show will start around 6pm on the 29th but i'll be at the venue in the morning for the rehearsal and briefing. That's also the time when we're going to fit the clothes that we're going to wear on the show. Concern with the clothes fit, i texted them. Kari, from the show called me, told her about my concern and she said she'll email mossimo about it. 

Am no fuckin divo, but you know how i look. Am 5'11" and 125 lbs. the conventional sizes won't fit me. If you give me small it'd fit horizontally but not vertically. Don't imagine, am gonna fuckin look like a starved winnie the pooh (six pack showing of course). So hopefully they'll be able to address my concern. 

Anyways, this is a good night. Am having fun talking to these kids (my trainee's friends). They're very witty and also creative (one of them is a graphics designer), not to mention the pretty girls are also into fashion blogs. Of course i promoted my blog, not letting the opportunity pass would i, call it shameless plugging assholes, heh!

So, if you're all free this 29th, thursday, head over to greenbelt 5 around 6pm and watch me embarass my self. Pray i won't trip y'all!

sunnies - ray ban, shirt - zara, belt - zara, jeans - custom, boots -  cc. w.
photos - gil
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