red crab fun(ner) run

wes, mish, mofo


 the hosts

runners with my former ofcmate and friend ate weng

loot bags and trophies

mish, boy

the hosts wd ms elaine

 wedding reception, heh!

venice piazza

the medalists with their crabs

 red crab crew/runners

more runners

medalists - women's category

medalists - men's category

them fast runners

 team red crab/team cb

hosts and organizers

wd red crab boss ms elaine

pretending to be a celeb, lol

and another one

vip card anyone?

When we talk about fun run, we know that there's a race, commonly short distance/s, and it's fun (supposedly), that's it. But fun is subject to the people running and partaking on the event, we filipinos will just embrace what's thrown to us, so we'll have fun no matter how boring the event is. Yes, even when you call it sad run. Now, how about you let the general manager of a restaurant chain organize the event, add the big time sponsors and friends, asked a former NU 107 dj to host the event and pair him with the running community's hottest tandem, the running sweathearts, what do you get? Red Crab Fun Run!

Red Crab Fun Run is the lovechild of Ms. Elaine Botabara, Red Crab's general manager and a running enthusiast. Because i was late earlier, which is normal for me, i didn't know who she was. I just saw her after the race during breakfast on the other stage. I thought she was just another host but boy am surprised. I think, i can safely say, Ms. Elaine is on my list now of the most OC people i know. Don't get me wrong Ms. Elaine but you're not only the organizer, you're also the host and photographer, not to mention the fact that you made sure that everyone's well taken cared of during reception, again that's while you're hosting.

Let's move on to the hosts. My oh my, Boy Ramos did not disappoint. Dropping words such as "jerjer" and "malandi", not for the fainthearted and hypocrites, i mean conservatives. I'm not saying Boy's the bomb just because he's courageous with his choice of words but the fact that he's witty and  his timing is spot on. He really knows what he's doing. Then we have the "kilig" factor, enter the running sweethearts, my friends, Mish and Wes. Love story sells, just like sex. So when you see two good looking people become an item, it's definitely a hit. I was surprised earlier to see Wes hosting, i mean he doesn't talk a lot and earlier, he's doing it like he's been doing it for a while already. And Mish, the pretty and adorable Mish, a blabbermouth like me, who doesn't seem to know when to stop talking, as usual, is at her element. She was bubbly and was almost laughing all the time. Combining the three of them was a good idea. There was no dull moment. The moment I arrived, they were talking non-stop. The three stooges even made me answer some styling questions, yes, and it scared the shit out me. All i can remember is that i said something like "if you want to be an asshole, just be an asshole", hahaha!

Ok, we're done with the organizer and hosts, now let's talk about the event. Like i said, i was late so i didn't really see the openning and the gun start. All i know is that the three hosts were on stage, talking and entertaining the runners and the audience. After the race, to my surprise, Red Crab prepared a breakfast for the runners and their entourage, yes, including their sidekicks and PAs, top that! So during awarding, while the hosts are crackin up, the runners are having breakfast. Funny coz Boy was telling Mish and Wes that the place (Venice Piazza) looked like a wedding reception, and that Wes should propose. Aside from the breakfast, all the runners received loot bags as well, not just the winners.

So to sum it all up, t'was really a fun event. Though i'm not a runner (not even dressed like one), i did not really mind the waiting coz the three was there to entertain me, not to mention the free breakfast after (yes i'm cheap). I'm really hoping that Ms. Elaine will consider the next event. Nope, sorry, I can't say when yet. Just wait for their announcement. 

Anyways, to all of you craving for crabs and what not, head over to any Red Crab Restaurant near you. Reb Crab group of restaurants include The Red Crab, Crustasia, The Flying Pig, Claw Daddy's, Seafood Island, New Orleans, Fish, H&E and BluFish.

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