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Finally, got rid of my fucking retarded hair earlier. Spent my lunch time at Basement Salon Eastwood getting my hair cut. As usual, my stylist, Roger, did not disappoint. Roger's been my stylist for more than 3 years now i think. I used to have my hair done at Basement Salon Shangri-la, however when they opened their branch in Eastwood, i switched. Met Roger, then the rest they say is history. Can't imagine having someone touching my hair other than him. I mean the two of us, we don't really need to talk, he just know what to do. Sometimes if i feel like trying a new style, he's always ready to give me options. My hair may looked the same especially in pictures but believe me it's not the case. Am not saying he's the best, but for me and my hair, he's just is. I also like the idea of having a versatile cut, i can style it like faux hawk, side swept, out of bed, you name it, i can do it with my hair. Aside from the dope haircut i get, i also feel special (not retarded) when am there. Funny that most of their clients need to call to schedule an appointment, me, i just walk in, like a boss, he!

So to all of you guys, and girls, who wanted to get a kick ass haircut and a treatment like a boss, head over to Basement Salon Eastwood branch. For inquiries, call them at 570-9692/93 and 0917-520-9692 or check their facebook page.

BTW, contest is still on-going, you can still vote for me here (vote as many times as you want :)), i'm on page 14.     

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