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Big day's fuckin tomorrow y'all and am excited. I'm just confused with what the mossimo stylist want. I received a text earlier about having to bring all black stuff, black top, bottom, shoes for the show. I guess we'll wear their stuff first then after that we'll wear all black for the finale, but who knows. I called the stylist to verify the specifics but she's not aware as well. So i'll bring any black stuff i have then, yes, including underwear, hehehe!

So, i'm inviting all of you guys once again to come and see the event at the new Glorietta Vibe. The show will start at 6pm.

For those of you who can't come because of laziness and the obvious fact that u're not from this country, watch the live streaming on-line by signing up on the Glorietta Vibe page. I'll be tweeting everything as well so please check my twitter page. Forgive me for assuming that u're all interested to see me walk the runway, but assuming doesn't cost anything, so fuck it yeah!

Thanks again guys for helping mofo! Kungkings represent! 

top - f&h, belt - zara, trousers - custom, brogues - villains by sf, sunnies - from d sidewalk
photos - gil
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