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Got a new sched for this week, I managed to snag the 12 - 9pm slot. 3 new trainees was added to my current roster and am glad they came from other department so my life's a bit easier. I don't really have to repeat my previous topics bout networking and stuff since they're already familiar, so am a happy camper!

Anyways, forgot to ask my trainee to take photos of me while the sun's still up, so before our shift ended, we had a very quick, 5 minutes, shoot inside the training room. Looking at the pics, it's pretty obvious that i looked fuckin tired. My eye bags, well they're not bags but fuckin armoires already, are evident. I guess it's the result of not having enough sleep and caffeine overdose. Fuckin sure that our spoons are already complaining every time i throw them inside the freezer to use on my eyes, if they can only talk, they might fuckin yell and tell me "you're a motherfuckin moron, it's useless, you're just makin us cold & sick!". I fuckin need a rest and or a vacation. I miss the bitch, i mean the beach. I also need a fuckin haircut coz my hair already looks fuckin retarded, that's the reason why my previous pics looked like mofo old bieber. A retarded guy with a retarded hair, how fuckin redundant is that? Hopefully, on my next post, i'll be sportin a new haircut. I might feature my stylist Roger and Basement Salon Eastwood branch as well. 

Btw, it's almost December, I know a lot of you guys here in the Philippines are pretty excited bout the up and coming Bloggers United 4. No, am not part of it, am just there to support my friends, unlike them, am not really a legit style blogger, am just one of those people who got nothing better to do with their time so they created a blog. People who are either a narcissist (like me), cam whore (like me) or KSP, in english, someone with ADHD.  Besides why would i sell my stuff for for a fuckin bargain price, dream on! Kidding aside, it's for a worthy cause so please support them. Blogger friends from Cebu will be participatin so am sure it'd be awesome. Am expectin 2 days partyin straight as usual. Can't wait! 

glasses - giordano, black vneck shirt - zara, white tshirt - f&h, belt - zara, trousers - custom, loafers - he
photos - grace
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