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Hello fuckers, am back! Sorry for not posting entries these past few days, was so busy with work and stuff. That and the fact that i couldn't find someone to take pictures coz my trainees already transferred to production, it's hard to boss another boss you know. Got another training coming up after christmas so hopefully it won't be as retarded as the last one.

Am sharing pictures taken mostly by ron, uploaded in a crappy quality for faster upload, during our company christmas party. I just amped the brightness so you guys won't see the curse, lots, on my face, heh!

There's nothin much to share really, i mean when you go to a party it's either you drink a lot or you eat a lot. Obviously for me it's the former. It's also the time when people who got phobia dressing up get the chance to fight their fears and then failed miserably so they'll decide never to do it again, hence they'll look crappy until they die. It's also the time when people who are socially awkward tries to mingle with other socially awkward people. A group will me formed out of it, a socially awkward group, what do you expect?! And then it's also the time when people get to live their dreams and embarrass themselves big time.

I wanted to be singer, i mean kinda, but it's not easy. My voice doesn't always sound good all the time. Am not sure if it's the lack of sleep, the cigarettes, the cold drinks and alcohol, the song choice or it's just really the fact that my voice is just mediocre. Mediocre or not, there are people who will always believe in you. My parents, coz that's their job to give their children false hopes. Your friends, coz their judgement are clouded and other people who think you're great coz they got low standards.

So during our christmas party, i got to live the dream of being a rockstar/singer. Geez it was tough, i mean if during our battle of the bands guest performance was tough, last sat's was tougher. The crowd was a lot bigger, including the venue, and my voice decided to fuck and leave me. Kinda remind you of girls who stood you up during the supposed date or left you even though they know you need them and they're important. That's what happened, let's add the fact that i forgot my lines even though am looking at my cheat sheets and i sounded like a squeaking rubber duckie.

Though am into indie and rock songs, i usually sing love songs. Am a typical balladeer so when i sing rock songs it's a bit awkward, rockers typically shout and their voices are usually loud. You might ask why the heck am singing rock songs in the first place? Coz it's cooler, and my band mates, including my boss, "the boss", are into those kind of songs, that's what they play.

Anyways, the party was great and i managed to bring ms east inside. After that, we went to BGC to catch up with the cebu bloggers.


Our band will have another gig, not sure where and when, so i'll get another chance to embarrass my self yet again.   

glasses - storm, floral shirt - paul smith, belt - from wes, trousers - custom, boots - kenneth cole
photos - ron and april

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