when u're mc hammer broke

Ever experienced going to your favorite shop, find an item, tried it coz you fuckin thought it's a match made in heaven & you'll fuckin die if you don't get it, and then it did not fit? It's a major bummer right? Reminded you of this girl you really, really, really liked, you swear to all of the gods that if she says yes you'll clean the house everyday, wash the dishes and promised to be a good son of a gun, but then she said "sorry, let's just be friends". Or the girl you just had sex with asking you for a fee, coz she's a fucking hooker moron.

Am sure all of you know what am talking about. So to help you find your match and avoid disappointments, lemme share my secret, which is not really a secret, to my friends at least. And i'm not talking about the latter two, am talkin about the clothes.

Because am so thin, i can fit into doors without having to really open it, it's a fuckin dilemma to find the right clothes. Guys don't shop a lot and we normally will just get anything in sight coz we're fuckin lazy to check other stores. Am not one of those, and am not like most guys (read, clueless) but it can really get frustrating so sometimes we'll just settle for mediocrity. Been like that for a while, lookin like i borrowed, or stole, yes, my father's clothes until i found our friendly neighborhood tailoring shop.

I started with just the usual repairs, the usual adjustments, then i decided to buy my own fabrics, asked them to copy my old shirts' design, or pants, but with the right size. Sometimes, if they have available fabric that i like, i'll just ask them to use it.

I know you'll ask me to show samples, don't get too excited. What am wearing above are all customized. The button down cost me like Php650, same goes with the trousers. Cheap right? Who would've thought lookin good costs like dirt?

I know some of you, rich assholes, will not like this idea, but hey, if you're broke as mc hammer and just waiting for your parents to give you money, then this is a good alternative. Remember, most of the time it's not really about the brand that you're wearing, it's the fit, but of course you should be very careful in selecting your designs and materials.

Like what my twitter friend Stylokoman says, you can't buy taste. Just because you wear cheap clothes doesn't mean you're cheap, and just because you're rich doesn't mean you should look like Kanye... sorry, that's another story.

sunnies - ray ban, shirt - custom, belt - zara, trousers - custom, shoes - asisa
photos - gil  
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