according to my wicked sisters

When you're color blind people around you are supposed to help you with your issues dealing with colors, however, on my end it's different. They love to fuck with my head and laugh about it first before extending their so-called help. Lucky for me, my condition is not really that bad, i can still see a lot of colors, it's just that when it comes to different shades and hues it's a different story.

If you noticed, am fond of wearing all black ensemble coz it's safer, but earlier today, i decided to wear all grey, different shades, for a change. So i asked my sister to help me pick all the clothes that i have that are grey. It didn't actually turn out smoothly, we were kinda fighting coz she's picking clothes that i think were not grey. So i called my other sister to validate them. Instead of helping me right away, she just started laughing and selected stuff that obviously were not grey, yellow and pink for example. After all the bullying and humiliation that i received from the two, the retards finally decided to stop messin with my head and help me.

What i wore today were supposedly all shades of grey. Now let me know if the retards really helped me or they just pulled off another joke yet again.

sunnies - ray ban, long sleeves shirt - zara, v-neck shirt, topman, belt - no brand
trousers - custom, shoes - mook design, watch - esprit
photos - efren d gigolo
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