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Am still alive fuckers! You though am already dead so you don't see new entries here? Though I look like one of those zombies from walking dead, am still very much alive you know, thank you very much. Besides, it's been my lifetime dream to torture all of you with my ugly mug and poor writing skills.

Anyways, how are you guys? How's your new year? I'm not interested actually coz i know you'll just bore me with all the non-sense shits and what not but i thought i should start with that question coz i'll be sharing mine, kidding!

My new year's good so far. Am just fuckin busy with work and we just moved to a new place. Just so you know, besides singing and #menswear, yes with the hash tag, am also good with architecture and interior design (i'm talented like that, and assuming, and conceited). Almost everyday am covered in paint and putty. It's almost a month now since we transferred and am not done yet. Too many things to do and i got no money to buy what i want and need. But soon as am done i'll share photos so you can tell me how talented, or lack thereof, i am.

If you'd ask me bout my blogging plans, to tell you honestly am not sure. Guess i'll just do what i normally do, post pictures, write and cuss, tell you corny jokes. I think it's better coz am not really expecting anything. As long as my blog stat displays a number other than zero then i'll continue doing this. Even when am the only one who's reading it, am persistent you know.

With that in mind, i'd like to thank all of you for wasting your time reading this non-sense blog. I hope you'll all have a wonderful new year!

sunnies - ray ban, shirt - topman, belt - no brand, trousers - custom, boots - kenneth cole
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