appear bigger than what it really is

By now, i think y'all already figured out that mofo is fuckin poor, but not like i-have-to-use-bathroom-tissue-ply-twice kind of poor. If you're paying attention bitches, you'll know that am already recyclin most of the clothes and shoes that i have.

When I started blogging, my first concern was the clothes. I don't have a lot. Majority of my clothes have the same style, more often than not, the same item only on different color. Reason is, if i find somethin that fits me well, meaning my movement's constricted, i'd definitely get 2 or 3, depending on how many colors are available, retarded i know. Next concern is the money. Although to some people i looked like i only spend my cash to buy clothes and what not, well i tell you it's not the case, just 95% so not all, heh!

Got other concerns aside from those 2 but bottom line is blogging and #menswear thought me a lot. I learned how to recycle and mix & match my clothes better. Am not gonna say properly coz i know am still learning and i always commit mistakes. Though it seems like they wanted us to be a retard consumer, brainwashing us with their unfathomable and whimsical words, the idea really is for us to make better judgement and choices. Remember, fashion is what we buy, style is what you do with it. 

Anyways, am wearing the same trousers again, my new favorite pair right now. The lenght is kinda short but you know me, i don't really give a shit bout what the haters are saying. The waist extension tab feature is also making a come back. It actually gives your front a cleaner look, plus it'll make your johnson appear bigger than what it really is.

Am going to philippines' summer capital, baguio, this weekend. So expect pictures, of the trip and me of course. I'll go ukay/vintage hunting, so good luck with that. Finally, i can wear scarf without lookin like an idiot. Till then! Thanks again for droppin by!

sunnies - aldo, striped shirt - f&h, trousers - uniqlo, oxfords - hugo boss
photos - rowie & hoy sarah
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