colours & paranoia

The mofo aka color blind's "colour experimentation saga" continues. If i went monotone on "my wicked sisters" entry wearing grey, yesterday I decided to wear blue and white combination. When you hear monotone, it's not really just about one color with the exact hue, i mean it would be ludicrous trying to find the exact same color for everything you'll be wearing, it can also be one color but with different shades or hue.

Wearing different shades of the same color can also add punch to your look, makes it more exciting, not dull. And don't forget that it's also ok to throw in another color. I chose white coz it's safer and it can go easily with other colors, plus my shirt is also white with blue checks/patches.

Anyways, am kinda paranoid with so many rumors goin around the office. Not a good fuckin way to start the year. But whatever happens, you'd still see this ugly mug here. There's no escaping mofo you know! And thank god for #menswear and blogging, i can tell rumors right now to just fuck the hell off!

To my bestfriend maui, you'll be fine! Mas matalino k kaya sa akin, hehehhe!

sunnies - ray ban, jacket - SPF, button down - uniqlo, belt - zara, watch - esprit
trousers - lowry's farm, oxfords - asisa
photos - sarah     
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