fashion forward ma ass

For the hardcore macho men aka style-challenged, dressing up is a no no. They associate style and fashion to women and homosexuality. If you're a stylish guy then you're a sissy. Their motto is "i don't give a shit, am a guy". It's funny how they claim they're not interested in fashion, the fact that they chose to look that way, read blah, is already called styling dick heads. You're still partaking in this billion dollar commerce called fashion. You just can't accept the fact that you don't have taste, and class that's why you look like garbage.

You might ask why am i talking bout the hobos and the apes, and why they refuse to dress appropriately. Guess i just found the reason why, new reason at least. JW Anderson's 2013 fall collection!

photos - not mine, all from the web, google you know
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