fawk you flu

So while the lovely people of Cebu, especially them bloggers and my friends (don't want to call them bloggers my friends coz that would be pretentious), are having fun for the 2013 Sinulog festival, i, mofo, is just home, drinking cofi & smoking ma self to death, trying to finish this entry, and by trying i meant bombarding these entry with all the f and c words i could remember to mask my waterloo we call grammar. I know, am such a loser so don't laugh beeyotch! It's a fuckin major bummer, but my folks are here in Manila, and am also sick (sorry ehly can't be there, but happy bday!). No idea how the flu in the states flew here (you guys from the states hope you're all fine). Add the fact that i don't have enough money for damn expensive magic carpet ride because of the festivity, law of supply and demand moron, just in case you don't know. Fuck you flu, got money to fly international, mofo can't even afford domestic. 

Damn, after 2 straight years, this is the first time i missed it. I dunno but guess you can also blame ma poseys, the mafioso, they seem not that interested goin down south this year. They got tired of partying i guess, yeah, not true, heh! 

Photos above btw were taken yesterday by sarah while trying to find her nickautomatic shirt. I swear because of this madness called blogging am not shy anymore. It's becoming a habit to ask anyone, my ofcmates, trainees, random people, to take photos of me anytime i want, coz am a blogger you know. Am entitled to be a boss, an asshole, and a tourist, if you know what i mean. Now that's pretentious!

sunnies - aldo, shirt - topman, belt - no brand, trousers - custom, shoes - asisa, watch - nixon
photos - hoy sarah!
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